Envy Essentials: Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling can be an intimidating and costly process. To prepare for an estimate, we will highlight the essentials of a Bathroom Remodel.


Picking a tile can be a hard decision. Are you looking for durability or aesthetic? How big do you want your tiles to be, what pattern, what layout? Porcelain or Ceramic? Do you want a tiled wall? If you don’t like the idea of grout we have other options available that are maintenance friendly.

These are some questions to consider before an estimate.

Shower or tub?

Customers can decide on a walk-in shower or a tub with a showerhead. If room allows, a walk-in shower with a free-standing tub can be arranged. If room is limited, a wall can sometimes be removed to make space. In your shower; would you like a niche, shelves or shaving stand? How about a grab bar for safety? What type of shower head will you be using? Do you want overhead LED lights? Do you want a glass door or curved shower curtain rod?

These are some things to consider before an estimate

Sinks and Vanity

The vanity/sink combination can make or break a bathroom remodel. It must match the scheme and layout of your shower/tile combination colors.

Things to consider when choosing your vanity/sink.

  • Single or double vanity sink bowls?
  • Style and wood species cabinet?
  • Mirror size and shape
  • Undermounted sink or solid surface vanity top
  • Wall mounted vanity cabinet and free-standing faucet? (space efficient)

These are simple yet complex questions to consider before choosing a vanity

Envy understands how important a bathroom remodel is for you family home or condo. We hope this blog eased your concerns and helped you prepare for a future estimate.

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