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“We love it! Exceptional quality – great customer service – we only wish we had done it sooner – grandchildren love watching the hummingbirds so close now!”

Chicago Sunrooms That Are Built To Last….

Imagine how great it would be to relax…put your feet up…listen to music or read a book in a brand new Chicago sunroom or room addition by Envy. Now there’s more space to invite your friends and family members!

Why are Chicago sunrooms popular? It’s simple. A screen and glass sunroom lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the heat and humidity of the summer or the chill of the winter. It’s a whole new “outdoor” living room in your home, full of natural light, and it allows you to spread out a little more and do the things you want to do. It’s the perfect addition for your busy lifestyle.

An Envy sunroom — also referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure, or Florida room — is typically installed on a concrete or wood foundation. Walls of glass bring in sunlight, and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill. Composed primarily of single or double pane glass, a sunroom should be designed to fit the style and look of your home. An angled ceiling gives you space for a nice ceiling fan.

Another feature we’re proud to highlight is that an Envy sunroom is made entirely in the USA. That means every component — whether it’s vinyl, glass, aluminum, or even a screw — is manufactured by Americans in America. We’re committed to supporting fellow Americans working in the building products industry.

It’s no wonder why so many homeowners in Chicago have turned to Envy Home Services to design and build a sunroom, 3 season sunroom or 4 season sunroom that will produce years of enjoyment and relaxation.

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