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Homeowners that are looking into remodeling a kitchen should consider hiring a licensed and insured professional contractor. A remodel may consist of  simply replacing various fixtures or completely changing the current layout. As previous customers have mentioned to us, going the easy and cheaper way of “Do It Yourself” has not always been their best decision. For the average home owner “Doing It Yourself” is not advised due to always changing products and local municipality codes. As a reputable contractor we have encountered multiple people who have been unsuccessful in their kitchen remodels.  These unexpected mishaps have cost them thousands of dollars to have them corrected by a professional contractor.  Amidst all the contractors you have to choose from, you will find that Kitchens By Envy will come up as your leading choice. Remodeling your home will bring on many emotions from excitement to anguish as the project moves on. Our team will provide you with a helping hand every step of the way to guarantee your outcome will be great.

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Kitchens By Envy offers a complete design and remodeling service from start to finish. It all starts with a free in-home estimate were one of our design consultants will come out to your home to discuss ideas to better understand the ultimate vision. We then take the necessary measurements to prepare preliminary drawings based on your floor plan. We will provide you with an estimate and a design that best fits your needs, desires and budget.



Kitchens By Envy has a working relationship with top vendors in the area that will be able to assist with all your selections. These vendors will be made accessible to you free of charge and will honor Kitchens By Envy contractor discounts. When all selections have been completed we will review the preliminary drawings and make any changes at that time. Next, we will order the products for your bathroom/kitchen remodel. Once we have an estimated delivery date for all products we will schedule a start date for your project. Preparation for remodeling and installation is extremely important to ensure an overall project satisfaction.


   All drawings and necessary documentation will be handled by Kitchens By Envy. The typical permit process takes 3-5 weeks to acquire the permit. When a permit is required, Kitchens By Envy and our contractors will be required to meet all local and state codes. This can subject you to additional costs to ensure your current home is safe and meets current codes.  There will also be several inspections conducted by the local municipality.


This stage is rather long and can be tedious due to the length of time it takes to complete your electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Our production manager will notify you once they have an estimated delivery in order to schedule the start of your project. It is our goal to complete every project within the predetermined time frame, however, please be prepared for potential delays. Once a job has been started, modifications or additions to the project are a possibility in every home improvement undertaking. Kitchens By Envy will document all modifications or additions with a CCA (Contract Change Authorization Form). If there are any changes required, you will be informed prior to us doing the work. You will be required to sign a CCA acknowledging these changes and additional charges. All modifications or additions to your project will be handled in the timeliest manner possible. Kitchens By Envy will work diligently to minimize unexpected delays and keep your project moving forward to completion.

Free Pricing


Free Pricing

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Our affordable, quality kitchen remodels are proven results of what kind of work you should expect from us.  Effective and efficient management of your project will be achieved through the understanding of customers expectations and continual communication throughout the duration of the work in progress.

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We never force payment schedules on you.  We work with you and the top lenders to get you the payment plan that will fit your budget. We provide assists with financing options as well as Cash payments or Credit Cards.

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We have over hundreds of Positive Referrals & Reviews on Yelp and HomeAdvisor.  We are fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured while guaranteeing a one Year Labor Warranty.

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