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Should You Move Out During Your Bathroom Remodel?

While bathroom remodeling is an exciting journey, it comes with various challenges. This project doesn’t only require you to find the ideal contractor, create an efficient layout and choose appropriate materials. You must also decide whether you’re staying or moving out during construction. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider Your Project’s Scale

Before deciding on your living arrangements, consider your project’s scope. Is it a simple update or a complete overhaul? The extent of the work involved in your remodel will significantly impact your living conditions during construction.

Know the Impact of Staying or Leaving

Remodeling can involve a lot of mess and noise. It can also disrupt your family’s daily routine. The impact might be less severe if you own a house with at least two bathrooms. However, if you only have one bathroom, the challenges of staying could outweigh the inconveniences of temporarily relocating.

Factor Safety and Efficiency

Safety is another critical factor when deciding whether to stay or leave during a remodel. Construction zones, by nature, present hazards that could pose risks to your family, especially to children and pets. The presence or activities of the household can also affect the remodeling process. Workers might work more swiftly and faster if the space is unoccupied.

Make Proper Preparations

Proper preparation is essential if you plan to stay during your bathroom remodel. If you have another bathroom, equip it with essentials for the construction’s duration. Consider temporary solutions, such as portable showers, if you don’t have a spare bathroom.

Moreover, keep pets and children away from the site to ensure their safety and avoid hindering the work. Sealing the construction area can help prevent dirt, dust and other debris from spreading throughout your living space. Before the project starts, don’t forget to move your belongings to a safe location to protect them from damage.

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