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Contemporary vs. Traditional Bathroom: Which Suits You?

The design phase is one of the most crucial parts of bathroom renovation. When revamping your space, you can either go the contemporary or traditional route. The style you choose will affect not only your bathroom’s look but also its comfort and functionality. One of the area’s leading small bathroom renovation companies helps you decide which option is right for you.

Traditional Bathrooms

A traditional bathroom offers timeless elegance, creating a sense of comfort and luxury. It’s known for having durable and aesthetically pleasing elements, which remain unaffected by passing trends. Classic design elements, such as clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks and ornate fixtures characterize traditional bathrooms. Those seeking to infuse their spaces with classic charm may find this style particularly appealing.

Contemporary Bathrooms

On the other side of the design spectrum lies the contemporary bathroom. Clean lines and geometric shapes dominate this style. Modern fixtures, such as floating vanities and backlit mirrors, contribute to a bathroom that is not only chic but also functional. A contemporary bathroom often utilizes a neutral color palette that can make smaller spaces look and feel more open. It can be an excellent choice if you wish to add a modern touch to your space.

Which Is Right for You?

Assessing Your Home’s Overall Style

Your home’s architecture and existing decor should influence your bathroom design decisions. A house with rich, classic architectural details may naturally accommodate a traditional bathroom. Conversely, a home with modern features may call for a bathroom with contemporary elements to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. Experienced full bathroom remodeling contractors can help determine which style works with your living space’s features.

Blending Both Styles for Unique Flair

You need not restrict yourself to one style. Blending contemporary and traditional design elements can result in a truly personalized space. A freestanding tub can be complemented by modern fixtures. You could also pair classic tile patterns with sleek cabinetry and hardware.

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