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5 Materials to Consider for Your Vanity Top

Choosing the right material for your bathroom vanity top can help transform the space, adding luxury, functionality and durability. With so many options available, however, it can be quite difficult to pick the best one, especially in terms of aesthetics and maintenance requirements. Fortunately, our experts at Envy Home Services narrow them down to five to help you out in case you need to make this upgrade.

1. Granite

Granite, because of its durability and timeless elegance, takes the first place. This natural stone is known for its unique beauty characterized by natural color variations. Granite vanity tops are resistant to heat, scratches and stains when sealed properly, thus making them a favorite among homeowners.

2. Marble

Marble vanity tops are also a preferred choice because of their luxurious, high-end look they lend to any bathroom design. Unlike granite, the material is quite porous, making it prone to stains. It will still require regular sealing, ensuring its refined aesthetics will remain to enhance your bathroom’s overall look.

3. Quartz

Quartz tops the charts due to its strength, versatility and wide range of colors and design options. It’s a non-porous material, resistant to stains and bacteria — a perfect blend of aesthetics and hygiene.

4. Solid Surface Material

Solid surface materials like Corian are an excellent option for vanity tops demanding minimal maintenance. These countertops resist stains, mildew and bacteria. Available in various colors and patterns, they can mimic the look of more expensive materials, like granite or marble, at a lower cost.

5. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a budget-friendly and incredibly versatile option for vanity top material. It comes in various colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to customize their vanity. One disadvantage, however, is the grout lines, which can be difficult to clean and maintain.

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