Does Removing the Only Bath Tub in My Home Lower Home Value?

Does Removing the Only Bath Tub in My Home Lower Home Value?

The debate about whether to keep or installing a shower without a tub in a home has been ongoing among homeowners looking to renovate. The short answer is, it depends. Understanding the potential buyer of your home is key. If your neighborhood attracts many young families, removing the tub could indeed lower your home’s resale value. However, there are situations where this might not be a significant concern.

The Buyer Profile Matters

When deciding to replace a bathtub with a shower without tub, consider the likely future owner of your home. Let’s explore a few scenarios where removing the bathtub might not impact, or could even enhance, your home’s value.

You Live in a 1 Bedroom Condo

For those residing in a one-bedroom condo, the absence of a bathtub often won’t deter potential buyers. Such condos typically appeal to singles, couples without children, or seniors—all of whom may prefer a shower without tub for its convenience and accessibility. In these cases, a spacious shower can be more attractive than a cramped tub not suited for adult relaxation.

This Is Your Forever Home

If you’re not planning on moving, personal comfort should take precedence. Opting for a shower without tub can significantly improve the safety and accessibility of your bathroom, making aging in place easier. For homeowners not overly concerned about future resale or inheritance issues, the decision to remove the tub becomes simpler. After all, future owners have the option to re-install a bathtub if they so choose.

You Own a Ranch Style House

Ranch style homes, often with one or two bedrooms, are highly sought after by seniors due to their accessibility and the absence of stairs. These homes rarely cater to families with young children, who typically look for more spacious accommodations. Therefore, selling a ranch style home without a bathtub should not pose a significant challenge. In fact, the presence of a walk-in shower could be a selling point for seniors prioritizing safety and convenience.

Practical Considerations

Beyond buyer preferences, there are other factors to consider before making a decision:

  • Bathroom Size and Layout: Smaller bathrooms might benefit from the space-saving aspect of a shower.
  • Market Trends: In some urban areas, modern, sleek bathrooms with showers are in demand.
  • Cost: Converting a tub to a shower can be cost-effective if done wisely. However, should you later decide to reinstall a tub, this could entail additional expense.


While traditional advice suggests keeping at least one bathtub in a home to maintain its value, the modern housing market is more nuanced. The decision to replace a bathtub with a shower should be informed by the specific demographics of potential buyers in your area, as well as your personal needs and future plans for the home.

Envy Home Services understands these considerations deeply. As a veteran-owned and operated contracting company, we’ve transformed numerous bathrooms to better suit the lifestyles of their owners, whether that means installing a luxurious shower without tub or converting existing showers back into tubs. Our experienced team is ready to make your renovation experience seamless and tailored to your needs. Book a free in-home estimate with us to get your project started, and ensure your home meets your desires while still maintaining its market appeal.


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