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6 Great Reasons To Install Retractable Patio Awnings

Summer might be a few months away, but many homeowners are now looking for ways to enhance their outdoor living spaces. One addition that brings functionality, beauty, and value to your home is a retractable patio awning. Specifically, Betterliving™ Retractable Awnings offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive choice for any homeowner. Let’s explore some key reasons to consider installing retractable patio awnings.

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Retractable patio awnings significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. During the summer months, they can prevent solar heat gain through windows and doors, which helps minimize air conditioning costs. This not only saves on utility bills but also reduces your carbon footprint. In the winter, retracted awnings allow sunlight to warm your home naturally, decreasing heating costs.

2. UV Protection. The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause outdoor and indoor furnishings to fade or suffer damage. Betterliving Retractable Awnings block up to 94% of the sun’s UV rays, protecting not only your skin but also extending the life of your furniture, flooring, and carpets.

3. Convenient Control and Customization. With advanced options like remote control and smartphone app integration through systems like Somfy myLink™, retractable awnings offer unparalleled convenience. You can easily extend or retract your awning to adjust for weather changes or personal preference. The brand also has a wide range of fabric colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the look to match your home’s aesthetic. This level of control and customization makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who value both function and style.

4. Versatile Installation Options. Betterliving Retractable Awnings are designed to fit a variety of spaces, including narrow balconies and large decks. Models like the Slim-Fit allow homeowners with restricted mounting space to enjoy the benefits of a full-coverage awning. This versatility ensures that almost any home can be enhanced with an awning installation.

5. Outdoor Enjoyment Extended. By creating a shaded oasis in your backyard, you encourage more outdoor activities even on the hottest days. Whether it’s a family BBQ, a quiet morning with coffee, or a lively evening gathering, a retractable awning extends the amount of time you can comfortably spend outdoors, making your patio space more valuable and versatile.

6. Increase Home Value. Adding a Betterliving Retractable Awning to your home not only improves your immediate comfort and utility bills but also adds to the resale value of your property. It’s an investment that pays off in both the short term, through daily use and energy savings, and in the long term, when it comes time to sell your home.

At Envy Home Services, we understand the value of outdoor living spaces and the need for comfortable and stylish solutions to enjoy them. It is for these reasons that we’ve partnered with Betterliving Awnings to give you the choice to shield your deck or patio whenever the sun’s out. A trusted name in the industry, the brand offers top-of-the-line products, including retractable awnings, that are known for their durability and style.

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