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Hoffman Estates Bathroom Remodeling

“Service was great! We appreciate their obvious commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.”

Bathroom Remodeling in Hoffman Estates

For years Envy has been a leading Hoffman Estates bathroom remodeling contractor giving every customer our full attention to detail.  We understand that you worked hard for your home and to allow us to come in and help remodel your bathroom is a privilege.  We give great care when entering your home as we know we are only guests.

Why So Many In Hoffman Estates Love Us

For most remodeling companies, they typically stick to a “cookie cutter” design and installation.  This mentality makes things easier for the contractor but gives the customer something that is simply not theirs.  It’s a copy of a copy of a copy.  This is where Envy draws the line.

We want to hear everything about what is wrong with your current bathroom and what you would like to see it become.   We don’t want to develop a bathroom we think you should have, we build your dream. You’ve worked too hard for your home.  To have anything less than perfection is not our style.

Hoffman Estates Bathroom Remodeling You Can Trust

Not only will you find excellent reviews on our website, but we encourage you look at some of the largest review sites to read about our bathroom work.  Customers from Hoffman Estates love our remodeling and are willing to share it with the world.

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