Make your Bathroom Remodel Affordable

Cost and pricing are certainly somethings to consider before moving forward with a bathroom remodel. From layout changes to updating of plumbing and electrical, there are many factors that inflate the price of a bathroom remodel. Today, we will look at costs facing home owners and how to mitigate them.

The first and most obvious factor to consider is the canvas. The size of a bathroom can determine the amount of materials needed, the size of the vanity, and the type of shower/tub one will need. Having a general idea of the layout prior to a consultation is effective for homeowners. After measuring, you can set priorities and get a realistic view of your potential remodel. For smaller bathrooms, save by choosing a shower tub combination. For larger bathrooms, extra customizations will be needed. Create a sensical vision for your bathroom.

The second factor to consider is material used during the remodeling process. Flooring materials should be water resistant and durable. Do you want a stone or patterned shower base? Bathroom plumbing fixtures can range greatly in price. The possibilities are endless for a bathroom remodel. If you spoil yourself with an elegant vanity, pick an inexpensive shower door. Keep your existing bathroom mirror and replace it later when it makes more sense. There are levels of cost with material; shower head, flooring, tub, shower base, toilet, vanity, cabinets, and mirror. Determine what’s most important and go from there.

The last and most important factor is labor. It is important to understand the wide range of labor activities associated with a bathroom remodel. Licensed Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, finished carpentry, and demolition are common labor services. If the house is older, there is a higher chance of electrical or plumbing being needed. As stated above, larger bathrooms will face higher flooring costs by default. A new vanity or tub will require plumbing. New lighting will require new electrical and henceforth higher labor costs. Another factor is the local city/village code requirements that can determine extra updating if in an older home.

It is easy to write a blog about saving costs but incorporating costs with remodeling plans is difficult and not straightforward. It is important to schedule a free consultation to document your costs. Baths by Envy specializes in efficient bathroom remodeling. Our design consultants are trained in cost management while bringing your vision to life. Schedule a free consultation below!

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