So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen…where do you start? Today we’ll be going over three essential components of a proper kitchen remodel. Continue reading to determine which cabinetry, counter-top, and flooring is right for your kitchen.

Cabinetry is the foundation of a kitchen remodel. The cabinets chosen are a result of the kitchen layout. Lazy Susan’s will cover the corners of the kitchen, pantry cabinets (small-medium) will store the pots, pans, and food while tilt out trays will mount under the sink. Little things, like wine or glass racks can differentiate your kitchen. The most important cabinet will be the shaker, it sets the theme of the cabinetry.

With cabinetry chosen, it is time to choose complimentary counter-tops. A counter-top sets the theme and color of the kitchen. Quartz material gives a contemporary look while variants of wood or tile can give a more rustic feel. Yes, the material itself decides a lot when it comes to counter-tops! What about color? A lot of people choose white because its reflective properties can give the illusion of a larger kitchen and sets the base for contrasting cabinetry; white quartz with black cabinets for example.

Now, we will cover the literal groundwork of the kitchen. The flooring for the kitchen is dependent on the theme set by the counter-tops and cabinetry. If you choose quartz counters, it is best to avoid quartz/marble floors. If your kitchen is near the backyard, tile will be a good choice because of its ability to stand up against dirt and other stains. If your home has open floor plans, hardwood is a good choice as it can seamlessly move into other adjoining rooms. Kitchen flooring is a contextual decision.

The cabinetry, counter-tops and flooring will be the areas of focus for your kitchen remodel. Envy’s design consultants can design your dream kitchen and help you decide on products. You Dream It, We Build It!

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