The vanity top is the centerpiece of a proper bathroom remodel. It sets the character and tone of the room and can vary in utility. The vanity consists of the sink/bowl itself, counter-top, and mirror. Just like anything, a vanity has a wide range of sizes and material. When choosing a vanity, it is important to consider cost, size, and durability.


Granite and marble are more expensive options for vanities. Quartz materials are comparable in cost. If resell is a priority; granite, marble, and quartzite have higher resell value on average. Envy doesn’t recommend laminated vanities, but it still has it uses and are inexpensive. It is important to balance the cost of the counter-top and the sink.

A typical bathroom is split into three categories; Master, full, and small. The recommended vanity is dependent on the size of the bathroom. A mis sized vanity could disrupt the design of the bathroom and leave minimal room for your shower or toilet to be worked on. The vanity mirror should be proportional to the room.

A dream bathroom can turn into a nightmare if the materials are mishandled. The vanity needs to hold up to heat, water, and other stains typically found in a bathroom. Quartz is our most popular vanity top option due to the maintenance free aspect.  Natural stones such as marble and granite will have more upkeep and are susceptible to staining.

Envy helps its customers sort through and choose the right vanity for their bathroom. It must match stylistically and functionally. Set up a free consultation below and one of our design consultants will help you decide what’s right for your home project.


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